Have you ever wondered why moving a piano is so difficult? After all, it's but a mere instrument compared to all the other stuff you have to pack and move when relocating, right?

Well, you're right in that regard. However, it's also much more than that. There are many things you should know before moving a piano.

So read on and find out all you need to know. This way, you can be sure to handle this process without any possible incidents.

The Weight of a Piano

Moving a piano is one of the most difficult tasks due to its immense weight. The average piano can weigh from 200 to 1000 lbs, making them difficult and dangerous to move without the right equipment and skill. 

The sheer mass of the piano makes it difficult to maneuver the instrument in tight spaces and over obstacles. It is hard to move it up and down stairs or around corners. This means that the entire weight must be picked up and shifted all at once, as opposed to being able to move it in pieces.

Poorly lifting the piano can result in an injury. The instrument itself could suffer lasting damage if moved without the necessary measures. 

The Shape of a Piano

A piano has irregular in shape, which makes it difficult to move. It has a lid, which makes it difficult to transport due to its size and weight. 

The piano's legs and pedal assemblies are susceptible to damage during transport. And its fragile wooden body is prone to scratching and denting.

The Inner Structure of a Piano

Inside a piano, thousands of intricate components must be securely fastened together. This includes strings, soundboards, bridges, tuning pins, and hammers. These parts are essential to the piano's sound, and their combination is delicate and intricate.

When moving a piano, it is essential to secure every inner part to ensure it stays intact when lifted and carried by movers. If not, they can cause harm to the piano's tonal capability and even break. 

Necessary Equipment Needed in Moving a Piano

Piano moving requires specific equipment to safely move the piano from one destination to another. This includes a four-wheel dolly with 2800 pounds or higher capacity, a hand truck that has an extension collar, and moving straps. The process also requires a team of two or more people.

But even with the proper tools and an experienced moving team, pianos can be costly to move. This is why it is recommended to hire piano movers like Parkview Moving, who specialize in moving large objects.

Handle Pianos With Great Care

Moving a piano is difficult due to its size, weight, and shape. Without the right tools, equipment, and professionals, a successful transfer will be difficult or even impossible.

So if you are looking to move a piano, hire professional piano movers for the safest and most successful outcome.

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