When decorating a room in your home, there's nothing more important than picking the perfect picture for it. The pictures in your house should be emotive and allow others to see how you and your family are closest to your heart.

Pictures of your family and children are the most common objects to put in these pictures. Check out these tips if you're looking for the perfect picture frame for your living room.

Measure the Area for Your Frame

Before you begin your search, measure the available space to give yourself a better idea of the size and shape frames you should be looking for. This will ensure that the size of your frame is not overpowering and is perfect for the space.

If you’re dealing with an unusual space or shape, then you can consider getting a custom frame made to fit your environment. For ideas on how to get this right, you can check 8x8 prints linked here

Identify the Kind of Look You Want To Achieve

The process begins with first identifying what kind of look you are going for in the room. Do you want a clean, minimalist, modern look or a more vintage appeal? 

Would you like to incorporate bold colors or more muted tones? Consider the style of the other furniture pieces and decorations in the room and how the picture frame will fit. Doing this will tie it all together and help you create the best picture frame for your living room.

Consider the Color Scheme

It’s important to also take into account the color scheme of your room, as the color of the frame has to complement the colors in the room. Start by noting the different tones and hues in the space, such as the paint color, upholstery, and any pillows or accessories. Consider how to best complement the room by finding a frame that ties into some of the existing colors. 

For example, if the decor is monochromatic, a picture frame in a bold and vibrant hue can add a bit of liveliness to the space. Instead of choosing the same shade for all frames, consider using different hues to break up the monotony in the room.

Explore Different Frame Materials

Once you have gained a general idea of the look and feel of the room, you can begin to explore the picture frames available. Popular materials for frames include wood, metal, or plastic. Choose one that will work best with the overall look of your living room decor. 

Wood may help create a warm, classic atmosphere while metal can lend modern vibrancy. If it’s within your budget, you can also find unique pieces from local antique or art stores that can elevate a space. 

Nail That Perfect Picture Frame to Your Wall

Use these tips to help you find the perfect picture frame to hang in your living room. From the color and material to the style and size, each decision can make a difference in your overall decor.

Don't forget to consider your budget before you start shopping. Start exploring today to find the perfect-fitting picture frame for your living room decor.

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